Math team!

My school recently had its annual club rush, and let me tell you, math team was a hit.  Every club at our school needs to have at least 10 members to be a club, and upon remembering our somewhat cozy group last year, I was a little worried we wouldn’t make the quota. So obviously next… Continue reading Math team!


Corinne Givens

A few weeks ago, we went to northern California on a white-water rafting/camping trip open to Northrop Grumman employees and their families. One night, after a long day of rafting and an arduous (I'm talking swimming upstream in freezing water, balancing on toppled tree trunks, shimmying across a high ledge with numb legs...) but ultimately rewarding… Continue reading Corinne Givens


I Ba-lala-lala-la love Desmos

“On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?” A solid 8, Baymax. This project was definitely vexing. I used Desmos, an online graphing calculator that a lot of nerds use to make mathematical art. I decided to create an animated character, and Baymax was composed clearly of ellipses, hyperbolas, and circles. Desmos's function… Continue reading I Ba-lala-lala-la love Desmos