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Relatively special

To end our northeast trip, we spent our last day touring around Princeton, New Jersey. I now have the overwhelming urge to rewatch two of my favorite movies of all time, IQ (a cute film about Einstein's niece) and A Beautiful Mind (a mind-shatteringly fantastic movie about a Princeton mathematician that is particularly world-rocking when you… Continue reading Relatively special

Bits of Curiosity

Deep talk

I've been doing some cosmology and physics research, and I came across something called red-shift, which is how scientists know the universe is expanding (because the light from the beginning of the universe has redshifted into radio waves throughout space). As far as I gather, the increasing distance between two objects lengthens the waves (be… Continue reading Deep talk

Book Reviews


LA trip! We just went to the Griffith Observatory and watched their absolutely amazing planetarium show, "Centered in the Universe." After a long day of walking, you can sit in cushy reclining seats and look at a blue sky projected on the dome. A man's calm and comforting voice surrounds you once everyone gets settled… Continue reading Cosmology