I like math, and my latest subtraction problem occurred not in my head, but on it. After years of trying to convince my mom to let me chop off my hair (while simultaneously worrying whether or not my pudgy cheeks would clash with the new ‘do), I finally got a pixie cut that doesn’t oppose the roundness of my face.

I like to keep things short and sweet around here, just like my hair. Well, mostly I try to keep it short like in Crappy cardio counting , but sometimes I get excited and it goes on a bit like in Letter to an Old Scientist .  In both of those posts, as well as all the other ones on GP&P, I write about STEM in one form or another. Originally, I planned this to be a mainly math-centric blog (because numbers are beautiful things), but then I realized, hey, I’m starting to dig all these other types of science, why not write about them too? So, here we are: a future you reading this about page for a girl’s STEM blog, and me, probably low on sleep with 4 unfinished posts in my queue.

Oh yeah, I’m Alicia Haun, by the way. I’m currently a junior at Rancho Bernardo High School. I spend my time studying, singing, writing, reading, fencing, playing on my phone, relaxing, and sleeping (ha, I wish). The main three things that make my heart sing are STEM (mainly in the form of reading various books or stumbling my way through a long math problem), fencing (mainly in the form of stabbing my friends), and singing (mainly in the form of producing noises from my face, while other people around me also make noises from their own respective faces).

Some quick facts about me:

  • My favorite word is “cobbler.” (The shoe-maker, not the dessert)
  • I can snap a triangle-pattern with my left hand as I simultaneously snap a square-pattern with my right hand.
  • I hate painting my fingernails because it feels like I’m wearing mini gloves on my fingertips.
  • I know how much salt it takes to make an egg float (@3rd grade science fair).

In GP&P, I put my own spin on STEM in the world around me. I infuse a bit of quirky humor with honest curiosity to try and come to some conclusion about some piece of engineering, math, technology, or science (EMTS, if you will). I write about what I’m excited about, and I put it out to future-you, or I guess from your perspective, current-you (aw, I’m thinking about you right now and you didn’t even know, aren’t we adorable?), in the hopes that you’ll be excited too. If you want to keep up to date with all my science-y thoughts, go ahead and subscribe in the side bar!

Happy browsing, and welcome to Graph Paper and Pencil!