Math team!

My school recently had its annual club rush, and let me tell you, math team was a hit. 

Every club at our school needs to have at least 10 members to be a club, and upon remembering our somewhat cozy group last year, I was a little worried we wouldn’t make the quota. So obviously next logical step was bubbles. 

I know math team has a stigma. Mathletes are often the punchline in movies. (So are people who play Dungeons and Dragons, another club I’m a member of. Why can’t society just let me enjoy things?) In order to get enough members, we needed to reshape the picture of math team. That meant having a visually appealing and intriguing board (feat my girl Ada Lovelace) . Something people would see from across the quad and say, hey what’s that? 

Next step: handouts. Most clubs hand out slips of paper with meeting information. I decided to put our meeting information on objects that would have some value to the students, encouraging them to take it, if not for math team, then for the item itself. Then, they may reason to themselves that they already like what math team has to offer and the information is right there, so why not go? Bubbles seemed like an obvious choice, because who doesn’t like bubbles? And we could tie bubbles into the board by devoting a flap to the mathematics of bubbles. 

Responses were mixed as people passed our board. A small amount of people bee-lined to our table to sign up purely for the math of it. A larger number stopped for the artsy board and signed up for the bubbles. But still half of the people who walked by said “Math team? No thanks,” but in slightly more colorful language. I was prepared for that reaction, which is why I went all out in the first place, but it still hurt to have people bash something you love and worked so hard on right in front of you. Even after those people, everything turned out pretty well for us because we got 80 sign-ups and were voted the best board at club rush and won $100 for our club (T-shirts anyone?).

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