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Ada Lovelace

Last week, one of my friends burst into laughter when she saw my club rush boardFrom the top of my board, four famous mathematicians smiled into the mass of high school students rushing past. (haha) Ada Lovelace took her role as the sole female mathematician up there – which is cute because one girl to three guys mirrors the gender composition of the math team’s executive board. I’m sorry to say I was struggling to come up with a female mathematician that people may recognize to hold her own with Einstein, Newton, and Turing. Then, I thought back to my week at a girls coding camp this summer. On the wall of the computer room, they had posters with different computer science fun facts, and one was a poster of Ada Lovelace, citing her as the first computer programmer, which my friend and I found incredibly hard to believe because the picture provided of Ada was an old-fashioned painting, not a photo.


After a lot of secret researching, switching back to the projects we were supposed to be coding when the instructors walked by, we found that Ada was a mathematician and helped add functions to the first primitive computers. Either way, she was a female mathematician that some people would know, so on the board she went!




2 thoughts on “Ada Lovelace”

  1. Ada Lovelace is also credited on realizing that analytical engine could be used for something more than just crunching numbers (like composing music) and she said that “The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.” Her and Charles Babbage’s work was really ground breaking and it’s really sad that real analytical engine was never built.


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