Out in the World

Perks of being a wallflower

I’m at a party. Over the years I’ve become more introverted, or extroverted with a limited resovoir of social energy. I spent my morning coaching a summer camp at my gym. A little stream of my energy flows out as I work to keep the kids safe (not whacking each other with swords and such – it’s a fencing camp). A bit of energy trickles out as I start to mend fences with an old friend, the first time in a long time since we’ve really been neighbors. Some more energy washes away in a meeting with friendly strangers, then in a conversation with familiar faces.

 Now I’m at a party. I quietly slipped away, just for a moment to think. My friend, our host, walked through and said he understood wanting to slip away from the craziness a bit. (At this point in writing, I ran inside because I heard warmups – this is what happens when you have choir kids at a party, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.) He sat with me a moment before asking me if I wanted to see pretty flowers. He took me to a quiet place beside the house to show me some beautiful roses and a “self-sustaining garden” (he wasn’t sure the mechanics of that). He allowed me a few moments to sit by myself and recharge a bit. It was kind of beautiful, the wallflower admiring the flowers.

(It was more of a velvety blood red, I don’t know why it didn’t capture like that)

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