Kristen Griffin

I was 15 minutes early for my first meeting with Kristen Griffin. I started to copy the interview questions in my phone onto the slightly yellowed pages of one of my Dad's abandoned notebooks. I became more and more anxious as I sat, realizing that I was about interview someone so important they deserve the… Continue reading Kristen Griffin

TED Talks

TED Talks Worth Sharing 2

As I've already stated in my previous post, TED Talks Worth Sharing, I love TED talks. Here's some of my most recent favorites: Buildings That Blend Nature and City Lifesaving Scientific Tools Made of Paper (I don't think I've ever been so blown away by a TED talk) Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers… Continue reading TED Talks Worth Sharing 2

Book Reviews

Letter to an Old Scientist

Professor Wilson - I first heard about you in my high school AP biology class. You were mentioned in a few of the documentaries we watched, and my teacher had read some of your books and relayed some of the stories I was later delighted to reread in your book, Letters to a Young Scientist.… Continue reading Letter to an Old Scientist


Corinne Givens

A few weeks ago, we went to northern California on a white-water rafting/camping trip open to Northrop Grumman employees and their families. One night, after a long day of rafting and an arduous (I'm talking swimming upstream in freezing water, balancing on toppled tree trunks, shimmying across a high ledge with numb legs...)┬ábut ultimately rewarding… Continue reading Corinne Givens