College Collection

Sounds familiar

We’re currently in New York, although if I were to be writing this 8 hours ago, I’d be saying “We’re currently in New Haven taking a tour of Yale.” After an amazing information session detailing the concept that “Yale is &”, a poem by an incredibly sassy admissions officer, 3 student tour guides came into the lecture hall and introduced themselves. One played baseball and focused on political science, the next on molecular biochem and the performing arts, the last a psych major devoted to volunteering. I chose the second of the tour guides. As if I wasn’t already swayed by the talk of open curriculum (with a 2 week shopping period – because 2,000 undergrad courses each year sounds like an enchanting beast to manage), here was a person at Yale with the same interests I had: an original math major turned bio major who loved to sing. His aspirations definitely sounded familiar, seeing how closely they resembled mine. Let’s see if tomorrow Princeton introduces me to a math major who sings soprano and fences foil. Now that would just be spooky.

Rubbing the lucky left foot

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