Out in the World

Crappy cardio counting

Ok, so normally I’m pretty good with numbers. I like math (enough to start this blog and seriously consider a career as a mathematician). Numbers are my friends. But oh man, I just did a cardio class at my boxing gym and we were supposed to do the exercises in this waterfall alternating pattern where we’d start with a number and decrease each round by 10 or 25. I could not count for the life of me. In that class, I had absolutely no concept of numbers. I couldn’t count, let alone keep up with the patterns, so I ended up just switching when it felt like a good time. I’ve never struggled that much with numbers. It went “1, 2 ….. wait a second I haven’t been counting” or “25, 26, 27, 34, 37, hold on that definitely wasn’t right.” So if you ever want to sabotage a math person, just make them do a barrage of cardio exercises.

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