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Yesterday, I decided to begin some college research and finally crack down on the bag of pamphlets from an SEC college fair a couple months back. I skimmed all the brochures and starred the majors I’d be interested for each college, but none of the colleges jumped out at me, so I decided to continue my research in earnest later. I made my spreadsheet of colleges and the factors I’m considering right now, but addressing anything other than size and city seemed too daunting a task after a few hours of flipping pages. 

I was just wrapping up when my mom checked the mail, and additional information from Princeton I requested and promptly forgot came in. I began reading their little book and soon realized that as of right now Princeton, except for the small size, is my dream college (this is after a day of research, so I still have a long way to go before any actual decisions). 

Last night as I was watching some TED talks for my post yesterday, I bookmarked some longer ones to watch later (because it was getting late and I had volunteering in the morning – again, for some reason TED talks are hardest to resist when I’m tired). One of them was What’s so sexy about math? Of course, now that I’m exhausted after volunteering and attempting to take a nap, I decided that it was the perfect time to catch up on some of the talks I’d marked, including that one. I’m listening and all of a sudden I hear, from Field medalist Cedric Villani, “At that time, I was staying at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton — for many years, the home of Albert Einstein, and arguably the most holy place for mathematical research in the world.” What are the odds of that? 

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