Bits of Curiosity

How My Dog Feels

Currently, we are embarking on our second leg of the road trip up to our camping grounds. There have been a lot of semi-trucks sharing the highway with us throughout the trip, and I’ve liked watching them and trying to figure out what was in their load (for one, it was a whole lot of lemons). We were just sandwiched between the heads of two big semi-trucks on either lane beside us, and I felt oddly intimidated. Immediately I wondered if this is how my dog Kinsey, a miniature Australian shepherd, felt around bigger dogs. 

Volume seemed the best measure for this, but whereas boxy semi-trucks may lend themselves more easily to finding volume, I don’t think my irregularly shaped (geometrically speaking) dog would much appreciate trying water displacement. So I’ll use (very) approximate weight in pounds (without accounting for the loads of the vehicles and taking the average of the numbers given for dog breeds) for my proportions.

Kinsey: 30 lbs

St. Bernard: 200 lbs (upper range: 260 lbs)

Irish Wolfhound: 105 lbs

Nissan Rogue: 3,500 lbs

Empty semi truck: 30,000 lbs 

Ambulance: 12,000 lbs

So an empty semi truck is roughly 8.6 times larger than our Nissan Rogue, which is the same proportion as the upper range of a St. Bernard to our dog Kinsey. 

An ambulance is roughly 3.4 times larger than our Nissan Rogue, and an Irish Wolfhound is roughly 3.5 times larger than Kinsey.

I wonder if Kinsey realizes how much smaller she is than other dogs because although miniature, she’s never tiny.

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