Go Lovely Rose

As I mentioned towards the end of my last post, I adore choir. Honestly, I could go on and on about all the reasons I wouldn’t be who I am today without choir, but that’s a post for another day. But anyways, I’m in Madrigals, the sort of “varsity choir” at my school, and we go around and perform in festivals. I particularly loved one of the songs we did earlier this year, “Go Lovely Rose,” composed by Eric Whitacre. The song follows the blooming and death of a rose, using the fibonacci sequence to move the song along. In the performance notes of the composer that precedes the sheet music, Whitacre writes: “The form is based on the Fibonacci sequence (the pattern found in plant and animal cell divisions) – its fifty-five measures are a perfect Fibonacci number. The Golden Mean appears at m.34 as all parts are reunited to complete the flower before its final blossom and the inevitable cycle of death and rebirth.” I love this piece because it is undoubtedly beautiful and was an honor to sing. It’s hard not to be moved either listening or performing this piece. I love how it serves as a blending of the arts and the sciences, an expression of human emotion and profound beauty through a mathematical structure.

Go Lovely Rose – Eric Whitacre

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