I Ba-lala-lala-la love Desmos

“On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?” A solid 8, Baymax. This project was definitely vexing. I used Desmos, an online graphing calculator that a lot of nerds use to make mathematical art. I decided to create an animated character, and Baymax was composed clearly of ellipses, hyperbolas, and circles. Desmos’s function to show an exact point was extremely helpful in making sure the segments joined seamlessly to create the lovable character from Big Hero 6. (I don’t know if I could do the math to exactly graph Baymax. A little guess and check never hurt.) The fingers were especially difficult. In order to achieve the partial circle of the thumb, I layered two identical circles, restricting the domain and range, respectively. I had to experiment a great deal to see which conic section would best fit the shapes of Baymax, especially in the fingers and legs. Overall, I am incredibly proud and pleasantly surprised at how closely my project resembles the character.

Here’s Baymax:baymax3

Here’s the equations: (As you can tell, I kind of just went for it and guess and checked my way through)


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