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Big day for science talk

I talked to a lot of successful scientists today!!! And they listened! And talked back! Good, good day. This morning I had the privilege of speaking with a professor of ecology that was guest lecturing at my school. A couple weeks ago, I went back to visit my AP biology teacher from last year (as… Continue reading Big day for science talk


Math team!

My school recently had its annual club rush, and let me tell you, math team was a hit.  Every club at our school needs to have at least 10 members to be a club, and upon remembering our somewhat cozy group last year, I was a little worried we wouldn’t make the quota. So obviously next… Continue reading Math team!

Bits of Curiosity

Ada Lovelace

Last week, one of my friends burst into laughter when she saw my club rush board. From the top of my board, four famous mathematicians smiled into the mass of high school students rushing past. (haha) Ada Lovelace took her role as the sole female mathematician up there - which is cute because one girl to… Continue reading Ada Lovelace


Kristen Griffin

I was 15 minutes early for my first meeting with Kristen Griffin. I started to copy the interview questions in my phone onto the slightly yellowed pages of one of my Dad's abandoned notebooks. I became more and more anxious as I sat, realizing that I was about interview someone so important they deserve the… Continue reading Kristen Griffin

Book Reviews

Letter to an Old Scientist

Professor Wilson - I first heard about you in my high school AP biology class. You were mentioned in a few of the documentaries we watched, and my teacher had read some of your books and relayed some of the stories I was later delighted to reread in your book, Letters to a Young Scientist.… Continue reading Letter to an Old Scientist


Corinne Givens

A few weeks ago, we went to northern California on a white-water rafting/camping trip open to Northrop Grumman employees and their families. One night, after a long day of rafting and an arduous (I'm talking swimming upstream in freezing water, balancing on toppled tree trunks, shimmying across a high ledge with numb legs...) but ultimately rewarding… Continue reading Corinne Givens